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  • CJ 1295
    • Release
    • 2013
    • CD
    • 1
    • EAN
    • 7619931129525

This is not just another CD

It didn’t take much thinking to come up with the idea of matching Jack Wilkin’s guitar with Kenny Drew Jr.’s piano in a recording. Both musicians possess an almost unlimited imagination and technique; both are sensitive, alert, stimulating personalities.

There have been a number of remarkable recordings in the past which have featured the guitar and piano in combination; we are pleased to present a recording that brings a number of new dimensions to this genre. This is not just another CD, but a recording characterized by an extraordinary atmosphere, style and sound.

The manifold skills of Andy McKee, bass, and Akira Tana, drums, combine to form an exceptional rhythm section. We are proud to present this unique quartet!

Keep in Touch
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