• Russian Piano Trios

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Trio Nota Bene: 100% Russian

The Trio Nota Bene; although young; already has an impressive list of accomplishments to their name. The musicians earned their diplomas in Patrick Genet’s (first violinist of the Sine Nomine Quartet) class at the Lausanne Conservatory; the musicians also worked closely with the celebrated Trio Wanderer in Paris; who praise their “astonishing musical maturity”.

The ensemble also has profited from valuable council from musicians such as Menahem Pressler of the Beaux-Arts Trio or Shmuel Ashkenasi of the Vermeer Quartet.

Following their participation together with other musicians in a recording dedicated to the music of Swiss composer Jean Daetwyler for VDE-Gallo; Lioenl Monnet (piano); Julien Zufferey (violin) and Xavier Pignat (cello) make their “official” recording debut with this CD featuring Russian music; a juxtaposition of the late romanticism of Rachmaninov and Arensky with Chostakovitch’s 20th century “revolutionary” style. A real revelation!

Russian Piano Trios
Russian Piano Trios

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