• Fr. Couperin: Les folies françoises - Debussy: 12 Préludes, 2e livre - Messiaen: Le courlis cendré

  • CD 2719

Following Bach and Schumann - Cédric Pescia has recorded Couperin; Debussy and Messiaen

Cédric Pescia is one of the stalwarts in the current Claves catalogue. Following his recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations (CD 50-2407); which made a deep impression upon its release in 2004; and a double album with piano music by Schumann (CD 50-2603/04); which critics greeted enthusiastically upon its release in 2006; the talented young pianist is back with a new recording in his indelible style: original and audacious. Entitled “Les Folies Françaises”; he leads listeners back to the heart of a musical tradition to which he felt irresistibly pulled following his two recordings with Germanic roots.

This French tradition seems to speak with particular acuity to his fingers and his spirit. Couperin–Debussy–Messiaen–Couperin: the programme; which ripened over time; is constructed like a voyage through the centuries and is dedicated to three composers whose connections are manifest: Debussy’s elegance and clarity are clearly reminiscent of Couperin; and Messiaen was fascinated by Debussy’s innovations and touched by the subtle musical impressions of the elder composer. The musical voyage is made even more agreeable by the absorbing notes signed by Cédric Pescia himself. Much more than just an addendum; they are the first scene in a programme of recordings for 2008 that promises to be rich and varied.

Cédric Pescia’s selections

Recorded at the mythical Teldex Studio in Berlin; Cédric Pescia wanted to employ different pianos for the different music and made the recording on two magnificent instruments. The perfectionist he is; he also decided to record Couperin’s pieces using a tuning from the composer’s time instead of the equal temperament employed on modern instruments.

The result is a sumptuous recording; rich; colorful; intelligent – perhaps the artist’s most telling CD … to date!

Fr. Couperin: Les folies françoises - Debussy: 12 Préludes, 2e livre - Messiaen: Le courlis cendré

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