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  • Weiss: Lute Sonatas Vol. I

  • CD 2613
    • Release
    • 2006
    • CD
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    • EAN
    • 7619931261324

Silvius Leopold Weiss - The first stone laid in a series featuring the complete sonatas performed by Yasunori Imamura

Yasunori Imamura is Japanese but lives in German-speaking Switerzland; which serves as the base for his splendid career. Renowned internationally as a lute soloist and continuo player; his encyclopedic knowledge and unsurpassed skill are often called upon by soloists such as Cecilia Bartoli; Gérard Lesne; Teresa Berganza and Jos van Immerseel as well as by ensembles such as Les Musiciens du Louvre; La Stagione Frankfurt and Le Parlement de Musique. He has contributed to more than 100 recordings; many as a soloist; and now sets out to realize the dream of recording the works by the uncontested master of his instrument; German Baroque composer Silvius Leopold Weiss; admired and esteemed by the great Bach himself. A wonderful recording that is sure not to remain the only.

Weiss: Lute Sonatas Vol. I
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